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"Tell Me and I forget,
Teach me and I may remember,
Involve Me and I learn"
- Benjamin Franklin
What Results Do I Deliver My Clients?
INVINCIBILITY: My main deliverable is helping my clients to build the perfect sales process. This makes getting and keeping customers the easy bit. The person and their business become INVINCIBLE!
TIME & MONEY: I help them launch new products and services utilising the full power of the internet, saving time and money and getting into profit quicker.
UNLIMITED EARNINGS: I show them how to take what they do in the real world and turn it into information they can sell passively – thus opening new, profitable revenue streams. I help to improve and restructure their pricing models and show them how to only do the work once, but get paid over and over again for it.
LEVERAGE: I show them how to multiply time, where they are no longer restricted to a model based on just selling time for money.
FREEDOM: I show them how to put their sales on autopilot so they can concentrate on running their business, start another, or just take some well-deserved time away.
Why The Sales Funnel Man?
I live and breathe my clients sales process – not stopping until I help build a machine so slick, it makes their business invincible!
I’m the author of the best-selling book “FUTURE PROOF (Your Business)” which shows how to build a fool proof sales process for your business in six simple steps.
Get a FREE copy here: www.russellallcock.com/futureproof
I mentor both domestic and international clients on how to build the perfect sales process.
I’m frequently booked as a key note speaker by organisations such as NatWest who bill me as the number one Sales Funnel expert in the UK today. I’m also regularly booked to speak to groups of entrepreneurs at various networking events.
I’ve worked for, consulted with and sold services to some of the best-known brands in the UK.
I have both a strong Commercial and Sales background which makes me unique in the market place.
My last corporate role as Customer Manager for a division of SONY, enabled me to refine my skills and gain an unparalleled insight into the customer journey from cold prospect to raving fan.
What My Clients Say…
“Russell is my go to guy for customer acquisition, he is also a Facebook Ads genius. For projects that require fast execution, he can add significant value. He sees things differently and is a marketing genius. Russell is someone I partner with myself for all my businesses and I also put him in front of all my best clients who are always blown away with his creativity, ideas and strategic thinking.”
Ian Pownall – XYZ Consulting
“The detail Russell went into on my B2C sales funnel was amazing. To say I was one dimensional in my traditional approach to prospecting was an understatement. Once my blinkers were lifted we went from a few tentative on-line enquires, to over 70 qualified leads a week in under 4 months – all on autopilot!”
Errol Thorpe – Impala Promotions
“Getting and keeping customers was always our biggest worry until a good friend introduced me to Russell. Forward a year and things couldn’t be more different. We have a slick lead gen system based around his Authority Funnel sales process and are about to launch an online monthly continuity program.”
Laurie Smith – OS Marketing
"I Want You To Do It All For Me"
My ultimate package and by application only - but if accepted, your business will be exposed to ALL that I have to offer. The end results? An invincible sales machine that will deliver maximum results.
"I'm passionate about improving the lives of my clients. With Russ and his team, I'm free to do just that!"
 - Sam Rathling (Team Rathling)
  Here's what you get:
  • The Sales Funnel Man - I'll personally take control of the entire project, working with my close-knit team of experts to implement highly effective strategies. I will become your Strategic, Sales, Marketing and Product Launch Director – all in one!
  • My Team of Industry Professionals - This means you'll have the best funnel builders, graphic designers, copy writers and paid traffic specialists around - all working on your business.
  • Invincibility - We’ll make your sales process bullet proof and performing to its maximum output for customer and revenue creation.
£3,995 /mth
"Show Me How and Help Me Do It"
The perfect scenario if “doing it yourself” is the challenge you want to conquer. I will be on hand to talk through and help you plan, implement and deliver your entire sales & marketing strategy. I will even attend your sales & marketing meetings and act as an adviser in the boardroom. All my private clients get my personal mobile number to call me in emergencies – day or night.
"Three months working with Russ and I've almost doubled the results of the preceding three months."
 - Kim Viklund (Swedish Investment Club)
  Here's what you get:
  • The Sales Funnel Man - I’ll personally spend half a day a fortnight in your business to ensure progress and tackle any problems head on. Whether I’m working with you or your team, I’ll delve deep into your sales process to maximise performance and set actions to be delivered. We’ll also speak once a week to keep things on track, along with unlimited email support.
  • Industry Professionals – My entire kick-ass team will be on hand for help and advice. Priority access will also be offered to utilise their skills & services.
  • Board Level Advice – Myself or my team (whichever is needed) will also be made available to attend your meetings, train your staff and offer advisory services up to boardroom level.
£1,995 /mth
"Show Me How And Make Sure I Do It"
We will plan your sales process from start to finish and I will then keep you accountable for its delivery. I also personally guarantee that if your new funnel isn’t making enough to cover my fees, I’ll work with you for FREE until it does.
"The support and advise I have received whist being a member has catapulted my business to new levels."
 - Richard Conduit (CF Help Desk)
  Here's what you get:
  • The Sales Funnel Man – I’ll personally spend half a day each month in your business to ensure progress and tackle any problems head on. We’ll delve deep into your sales process to maximise performance and then set actions and deliverables. I’ll also call you every fortnight to keep you accountable for these actions, along with unlimited email support.
  • My Team of Industry Professionals – Priority access will also be given to utilise the skills & services of my entire team.
  • Network Access – I have a massive group of outside influencers all eager to connect with my personal clients.
£995 /mth
STRATEGY Growth Club
"Show Me How And I'll Do It"
We’ll design your sales process from start to finish and then implement a plan of action to build it.
"Oh brother – the Value Ladder! Why hasn’t anyone shown me this before? Knowing how much my sales process is really worth is so empowering, I feel like a Superhero."
 - Michael Lynchie (Next Hype Marketing)
  Here's what you get:
  • Avatar Build – We'll review who your ideal clients really are and define their pain and action points so you know exactly what to say to them.
  • Value Ladder – Possibly the most enlightening part of the process. We’ll look at how to monetise your product and service offerings properly for maximum revenue.
  • Sales Funnel – We’ll plan a bullet proof sales process to put your ideal clients into your new value ladder – all on autopilot!
£295 /session
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