The road to profit, is littered with Repeat Business
By Russell Allcock
The one “must have” for your business is this…. REPEAT SALES. That’s right, REPEAT SALES.

Winning new business is all very well, and yes, you need to do this, but think on this. Repeat customers are cheaper than new ones, as all the hard sell and marketing is already done. In fact, research suggests that the cost to the business is 6 to 8 times cheaper than gaining a new customer.

As officer manager, David Brent, amazingly demonstrated in The Office, some things are just meant to go together:

“I’ve sort of fused Flashdance with MC Hammer sh#t” 
David Brent, The Office, series 1, episode 5. 
So like Flashdance and MC Hammer, I’d propose that profit and repeat business are a love affair. Taking this a step further, I submit that repeat business and awesome customer service is a marriage made in heaven.

Putting this simply, I’d suggest that no company makes a profit without customers coming back for more, and they will only do that if you offer awesome customer service.

The key to offering awesome customer service is great communication. You can keep in touch with customers through surveys and questionnaires. This can be done on-line, through a phone call or in the shop with a post-it survey mail box.

Depending on your business, go and visit them, or see them at industry shows and exhibitions.

See how they behave online, through relevant forums, and chat-rooms and interactive webcasts.

Then change your sales strategy accordingly.

Publish customer newsletters, but keep it relevant with useful tips and case studies. Tell them about special offers, and sales events. For regular customers make them feel even more special with tailored exclusive offers.

So, Customer service is vital…. but here are a few more crucial things you can do to win that repeat business:
  •  Make a great first impression 
  •  Handle every detail, and keep them informed. They’ll return if you act with professionalism
  •  Follow-up with the customer
  •  Check they got what they paid for and were happy with the service. Gives you an opportunity to fix any concerns they have
  •  Keep up-to-date customer details 
This doesn’t have to be a full-blown CRM system. A simple database that you keep up-to-date with contact details and what they bought will suffice. CRM can come later. 

Keep in touch !

I’ve given some hints earlier, like email updates / newsletters for example; and solicit feedback from customers on how you can do better.

So, there you have it. Awesome customer service is king, and there are many ways to achieve it.

“If you were to ask me to name three geniuses, I probably wouldn't say Einstein or Newton… 
... I'd go Milligan, Cleese, Everett, Sales Funnel Man..." (OK, I added the last one)
David Brent, The Office, series 1, I think. 
To Your Success,
Aka - Sales Funnel Man
If you think that Avatars are only fictional blue creatures running around Pandora firing bloody big arrows, then think again. In the world of Sales & Marketing, an Avatar is a fictional representation of your ideal prospective customer.


Why on Earth do I need one of those?

What’s Pandora?”

...might be some of your responses.

Well, in the process of defining your customer Avatar, you will start to understand those factors that influence a customer’s buying decisions.

For instance, understanding what social platforms they spend time on should help you make decisions on how to reach out to them and hook them in.

Having a good grasp or definition of your Avatar will help you anticipate your market’s needs.

Could this help you deliver more sales and revenue? You bet it will.

As to Pandora, well in the words of the director James Cameron “It's kinda the Garden of Eden with teeth and claws”... (I watch a Sh*t load of films)

Basically, knowing your customer will make it easier to make sales!

Convinced yet? Well, if you're half way convinced, then why not give it a go. You can even download my handy Avatar template to help you.

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