Plato was a Clever Chap...
By Russell Allcock
Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, once said:

“Pleasure is the greatest incentive to evil”. Circa 430BC

In fact, he said a lot of clever things, including the above, which have little or no bearing to what this article is about.

Incentives, and their importance in capturing customer details is what we are talking about here.

If you were to research this topic, you will find that my fellow Sales Funnel philosophers, will all agree that, collecting customer contact details is an absolute must, for how else is one going to grow their business without reaching out to those potential customers?

This is simply all about lead generation. If you get contact details, you have a chance to convert them to paying customers. Simples.

So, now we are all on the same page, what constitutes an incentive? Defined simply as:

“A thing that motivates or encourages someone to do something” ... and incentives can come in all shapes, sizes, and formats.

I for one, will literally do anything for chocolate, but that won’t work effectively in all cases. Online visits to your website, is a great opportunity to reach out. If you keep your website fresh, with up-to-date information or articles on your specialist topic, it will give customers a compelling reason to read-on.

Then, once they are there, you could hit them with various incentives, like for example an eBook or Cheat Sheet. We all love a short cut don’t we?

Other examples could include newsletters, webinars, self help blog posts, “How-to” guides, video tutorials, or if you are feeling particularly authoritative - a White Paper. These, by the way, are all low-cost incentives, that just need your time and knowledge to craft.

Competitions in your shop, or online can work too. Everyone likes the chance of winning something. Try the first 100 customers to sign-up win a branded Stationery set for example.

In exchange for one of these wonderful ‘gifts’ or opportunities to win, the customer just has to fill in some details that should include the basic details need to "stay in touch" (their name and email address - or even a telephone number). Digging further, you could also capture their company name, and the reason for the visit.

What you don’t want to do is turn them off by asking for too many details.

You can download my handy cheat sheet below jam packed with loads of incentive examples to use in your business. Who knows, you might even give me your name and email for it (wink, wink)...

I’ll end, by quoting one of the greatest, under-rated philosophers of our time:

“Incentives are essential to make capturing customer contact details easy”. Sales Funnel Man 2017AD.


To Your Success,
If you think that Avatars are only fictional blue creatures running around Pandora firing bloody big arrows, then think again. In the world of Sales & Marketing, an Avatar is a fictional representation of your ideal prospective customer.


Why on Earth do I need one of those?

What’s Pandora?”

...might be some of your responses.

Well, in the process of defining your customer Avatar, you will start to understand those factors that influence a customer’s buying decisions.

For instance, understanding what social platforms they spend time on should help you make decisions on how to reach out to them and hook them in.

Having a good grasp or definition of your Avatar will help you anticipate your market’s needs.

Could this help you deliver more sales and revenue? You bet it will.

As to Pandora, well in the words of the director James Cameron “It's kinda the Garden of Eden with teeth and claws”... (I watch a Sh*t load of films)

Basically, knowing your customer will make it easier to make sales!

Convinced yet? Well, if you're half way convinced, then why not give it a go. You can even download my handy Avatar template to help you.

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