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My mission is to help 1,000 small businesses build the PERFECT Sales Process"
FUTURE PROOF (Your Business)
Build a fool proof Sales Process in under 60 minutes!
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Is Your Business As Dead As A Dodo?
Charles Darwin once said “It’s not the strongest of the species, nor the most intelligent that survives. It’s the one that is most adaptable to change.” Nothing could be more pertinent in business today...

An Avatar Is Not Just For Pandora...
(Inc. FREE Avatar Framework Blueprint)
If you think that Avatars are only fictional blue creatures running around Pandora firing bloody big arrows, then think again.

In the world of Sales & Marketing, an Avatar is a fictional representation of your ideal prospective customer...
Plato was a Clever Chap...
(Inc. FREE 20 Incentive Ideas Cheat Sheet)
Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, once said “Pleasure is the greatest incentive to evil”. In fact, he said a lot of clever things, including the above, which have little or no bearing to what this article is about. 
Incentives, and their importance in capturing customer details is what we are talking about here...
Bacon, An Offer My Customers Can't Refuse...
(Inc. FREE 18 Splendid Offers Cheat Sheet)
The one “must know” for every business is understanding “What Offer Can You Make That Your Customers Can't refuse?” When considering this topic, I found that most sales experts would regularly quote The Godfather film. You know, the one “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse”.

That’s all fine and good, but shoving a horse’s head in your customers bed really won’t work...
The road to profit, is littered with Repeat Business...
(Inc. FREE 17 Wonderful Repeat Business Ideas Cheat Sheet)
The one “must have” for your business is this…. REPEAT SALES. That’s right, REPEAT SALES.

Winning new business is all very well, and yes, you need to do this, but think on this. Repeat customers are cheaper than new ones, as all the hard sell and marketing is already done. In fact, research suggests that the cost to the business is 6 to 8 times cheaper than gaining a new customer....
FUTURE PROOF (Your Business)
Build a fool proof Sales Process in under 60 minutes!
Russell is recognised as the leading authority on Sales Funnel Automation for Businesses in the UK today. He is also the best selling author of "FUTURE PROOF (Your Business)" which is acknowledged as the "go-to" guide to building a future proof Sales Process that will work in your marketplace now.
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FUTURE PROOF (Your Business)
Build a fool proof Sales Process in under 60 minutes!
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